Deacon’s Corner is a warm southern diner situated in Vancouver, with their main branch residing on the edge of Gastown. But with great food and drinks, comes great responsibility, responsibility for their atmosphere, graphics, and over all experience of their customers. Unfortunately, Deacons does not deliver on all aspects of their experience; poor graphics, limited advertising, unreadable menus and no online presence what-so-ever holds the great little spot back. This project aims to fix these fatal flaws and missteps, by providing a top-to-bottom rebrand and a small advertising campaign to boot.

Creating a logo for the established diner proved somewhat difficult. The Identity had to be completely revamped, and it had to hit the perfect balance between a 50’s truck-stop diner and a current cafe that young adults would be interested in.

With the rebrand focusing on young adults, the advertising was tailored to comment on modern issues, the party life style, and the never-ending studying performed by this segmentation.