Being apart of the NBA was a high point for Vancouver basketball fans with the Grizzlies. But a string of bad trades, poor management and overall quality of the team lead to a hasty sell in just six seasons – to the first buyer, Memphis. Unfortunately Vancouver has remained NBA team-less since, but has retained a large base of eager basketball fans. The National Basketball Association still has interest in the western Canadian city, but are holding out for better management options. The following is a hypothetical series of graphics that would be sent to NBA head offices for approval. The package would be a standard proposal of identity to get the re-acquired team fully operational.

In addition to simply updating the brand, the goal with the new graphics package was to build upon the strong base of graphics that the grizzlies left in 2000. Adopting the unique colours and fierce grizzly head lead to a dynamic mark that built upon the original design feeling, while growing into a modern original team rebrand.

Vancouver Grizzlies Logo Breakdown

After the marks and colours were decided on, permanent banners  were constructed to show their potential. In addition to painting Rogers Arena, the signature colours and design elements in the form of banners, flags and vinyl prints would coat the new NBA Stadium.

Grizzlies Outdoor Banner Mockup

Graphics were also made for the inside of the stadium to give the NBA head offices a look at how games would be played out with the new Vancouver Grizzlies. Here the ceremonial graphics are displayed.

Jersey Branding is a huge part of the Team’s identity.  Rough designs were made and mocked up for all three categories of play.

Grizzlies Uniform Mockup